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A Needlepoint Portrait

“A few weeks ago, Kitty Smith brought a beautiful needlepoint portrait of our Church into the office. Too nice to become a kneeler, the picture was framed and now hangs on the wall outside the church office.

“When I inquired about the artist, Kitty told me that Bea Miller had done the handiwork. The name didn’t sound familiar and I couldn’t find her in our church directory. I later found out that Bea and her husband Richard have been longtime neighbors of our church and Bea is a consummate craftsperson.

“Some months ago, Kitty needed help completing a difficult kneeler so she passed it to Bea. Since that time, Bea has completed fifteen kneelers for our sanctuary and the beautiful portrait of our historic church. She has three more projects in the works and, after meeting her on Thursday, I am sure there will be many more!

“How wonderful is it that we have such a circle of friends at St. Mary’s? Bea’s tireless work is an example of the many ways we are supported by the larger community. I give thanks to God for Bea and for all of the people who continue to make St. Mary’s such a wonderful place!”

– George

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