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All Saints’ Evensong with Music of Taizé: November 7 at 5PM

On the Sunday after All Saints’ Day, November 7 at 5 p.m. the Adult Choir will lead a meditative service of Evening Prayer in the tradition of Taizé. We will gather in the candlelit sanctuary for a quiet service of remembrance, contemplation and music. Through song and prayer the gathering will be an opportunity to remember loved ones who have died.

The service will be followed by soup and bread in the Parish Hall.

The Taizé tradition began many years ago in the ecumenical monastic community in Taizé, France. Brother Roger, Taizé’s founder, arrived in the French village in 1940. In the midst of World War II, he dreamed of creating a community where reconciliation was a daily reality. He began by giving shelter to refugees of the war. Brother Roger recognized that the search for reconciliation was within each individual as well as within the community. People from around the world, especially young people, come to Taizé looking for meaning in their lives as they prepare for responsibilities in their own communities.

The liturgy of the Taizé service is meant to “quiet the soul.” There is repetition in the words of the music, there is time for silence and prayer. There is no sermon or celebration of the Eucharist. The service provides an opportunity to become more peaceful and centered in the midst of our busy lives. Please join us for the Evensong service on November 7, followed by a soup and bread supper in the Parish Hall. All are welcome.

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