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Christian Education Updates

Christmas Pageant Reflection Thirty five children and youth helped St. Mary’s parishioners pause for the Advent journey to Bethlehem together, readying us all for the birth of Christ through the Godly Play Pageant last Sunday. Congratulations and thanks to each of these youth!

We are especially grateful to Susan Walko, Jaye Schneider, Julia DePeyster, Stewart Tucker, Alicia Bowman, Maureen Smyth, Tom Quirk, Betsy Pacinda, and Paul Pyzowski for contributions ranging from costume construction and assistance, provision of snacks and beverages, photography of the participants, pew supervision, and general crowd control during rehearsals. Thanks to previous costume contributions from Lucille Rossignol, Cecile Tucker, and Whitney Pyzowski, St. Mary’s now has a full repertoire of Christmas pageant attire to lead this memorable journey for years to come.

Recycling Wire Advent Wreaths After Christmas, we invite you to return the wire frame of your wreath to St. Mary’s for use again next November. This will help us to keep costs and waste down in 2011. There will be a marked box for recycling the frames in the Parish Hall at Coffee hour each Sunday during Epiphany.

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