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Dedication of the New Santa Maria Virgen Church Building on December 6

UPDATE: Peter Chase will be departing this Thursday for El Salvador to attend the dedication. He has been invited personally by Bishop Martin Barahona, Primate of the Anglican Church for Central America, to participate in the dedication service.

This December 6, our sister parish in El Salvador will be dedicating the altar of their new church building.

Construction of the new Santa Maria Virgen building started earlier this summer (see here and here) and will be completed this month.

Our rector, Peter Chase, will be traveling to El Salvador for the dedication. Other parish members are welcome to go as well – please contact Peter if you have an interest in joining him.

UPDATE OCTOBER 6: The altar at Santa Maria Virgen will actually be dedicated to St. Mary’s, in honor of the sister parish relationship we have shared for nearly twenty years.

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