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El Salvador 2008: Day 10 – A Point of Light

On our way to the airport for departure Monday morning, we stopped at a shop recommended by Vince to purchase hand-crafted ceramics for souvenirs. However we did not appreciate fully what we would find until we arrived there.

ACOGIPRI de R.L. is a cooperative founded in 1981 by a group of physically disabled people concerned about the lack of economic opportunities for disabled people in El Salvador. Today the coop employs eighteen people with substantial disabilities who would otherwise find it difficult to find work. The employees are involved in all aspects of making the ceramics. They can be purchased in the small gift shop at coop, or through several outlets in the U.S. including Cristosal (an Episcopalian foundation supporting church efforts in El Salvador) and Ten Thousand Villages in Brookline.

We were given a complete tour of the facility by Janet, who also manages the cash register. She gave us access to the back store room of completed products to purchase. Mary Erickson from Natick purchased two boxes of these ceramics [Editor’s Note: … making us 40 minutes late to the airport!] She will be selling these at St. Paul’s.

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