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Food ‘n’ Fancies Coming Saturday, November 22

Food and Fancies is the only fund raiser St. Mary’s has for Outreach. The number of organizations which benefit from this event is extensive. Everyone’s help is much needed and appreciated. That includes men and women, young and old, new members and old members.

Please help now by searching your home for furniture, jewelry, sports equipment, etc. which you no longer use and could be auctioned off. If you are a creative crafts person donations would be appreciated, eg., handmade mittens, socks (both adults and children.) Church members will be called to request contributions of homemade and healthy foods. Volunteers to help set up and work at Food and Fancies will be needed.. In these economic times, this is a great event to purchase gifts and food for the holidays, while donating to non-profits throughout the world. Have lunch and shop while your children are involved in arts and crafts activities. Santa or St. Nick may stop by. We hope to see everyone on the 22nd.

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