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Good News: November 1, 2011

The Good News from November 1 is now available for download:

This issue includes the article “Laws and Stewardship” ,adapted from a sermon delivered by Julia de Peyster on October 23, “Thoughts on the Yard Sale” by Tim Green, and a tribute to St. Mary’s favorite mover Walter Mucha.

I’ve been thinking about the yard sale and what an incredible gift it was to our community. The obvious benefit is the immense financial ingathering destined for area food pantries and feeding programs, which desperately need help. (One in six Americans is “food insecure.”) But there were so many other benefits. As often is the case in serving others, we find our own community strengthened. Working side by side with members of St. Mary’s gave us an opportunity to get to know one another. During the many hours spent sorting donations and setting up the parish hall, new friendships were begun and others were strengthened. We laughed a lot (which is one of the key ingredients in fellowship). I also believe that our faith grew too.
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