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Next Godly Play Workshop – Saturday April 10

The Massachusetts Diocese is offering its parishioners two more Saturday Godly Play workshops in 2010 at a deeply discounted rate. St. Mary’s will cover the remaining cost for any St. Mary’s parishioners who want to attend. Godly Play is the most widely used curriculum in Episcopal and Lutheran churches across the nation. Children respond so powerfully to this instruction that religious educators from many other denominations are now working with Godly Play to develop their own versions of these lessons and materials.

The upcoming April 10th workshop will cover the “Parable Lessons” of Godly Play, and the final workshop on May 8th will address the “Liturgical Actions Lessons” of Godly Play. Each Saturday workshop runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. All three workshops are conveniently located in Belmont, MA at All Saint’s Episcopal Church. Please let Isabel Phillips know if you would like to join her and carpool together. (978) 852-4633.

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