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St Mary’s Ministry Fair: Sunday October 21st

More people than you might suspect make our Sundays possible by sharing their particular gifts and talents. Have you ever wanted to usher but you’re not sure how to count the plate? Considered coffee hour but live in fear of making the coffee?  Wanted to be an acolyte but are nervous about lighting the candles? Or thought about being one of our readers of scripture?

If so, don’t miss St. Mary’s first Ministry Fair on Sunday October 21st after the 10:00 a.m. service. There will be simultaneous trainings for ushers & greeters, coffee hour hosts, acolytes, Altar Guild members, and lay readers. Pick one and find out how you can get involved in an important support ministry at St. Mary’s. There is something for everyone! It will be up to you how frequently you lend a hand in your particular ministry here and you will never be on your own because we do this together.

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