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United Thank Offering Ingathering Continues through May

The UTO’s mission is “to expand our circle of thankful people in the Episcopal Church.” This mission is accomplished through our daily prayers of thanksgiving and our donations. Each gift supports missions and the ministry of the Church throughout the world.

Gwen Buehrens has had firsthand experience with the UTO:

“When I worked at our church headquarters in Manhattan in the late 1980s, I was the point person in the States for the Anglican Children’s Fund, begun after the famine in Biafra. Anglicans in both Britain and the U.S. agreed to sponsor orphaned children and to provide general funding for one orphanage, in particular. Located in a mountainous rural area, the orphanage operated an agricultural school, which trained the residents to become farmers. The school was forced to rely on an old rickety truck to transport its produce to market. Because funding a truck purchase exceeded our capability, we applied to UTO for a grant. The UTO provided the necessary funds and the training program flourished. Thanks be to God.”

A blue UTO envelope has been mailed to you. Please use it to give generously to this important cause. Donations can be placed on the collection plate on Sunday or dropped off at the church office. Contributions will be welcomed throughout May.

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