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legal disclaimers

[Updated: March 19, 2020]


Website Privacy

We do not collect, or ask for, any personally identifiable information.

This website does link to other websites and services that may collect, track, or ask for certain personal information, as a condition of using their websites and services. These websites have their own policies on privacy.

Specifically, we use:

• Facebook, its streaming service, and its Instagram platform

• Zoom, an online meeting and steaming service

• Constant Contact, a provider of email services




Copyrighted music that is streamed (live and recorded) is done with permission from One License, license #A-725427.


Photos on this website generally have either been shared by members of our community, obtained from sources that we believe to be non-infringing, or consistent with fair use per 17 U.S.C. § 107. If rights to a photo have been given by a professional photographer, we credit the photographer.


If you believe that any media on this website is infringing your copyright or other ownership rights, please let us know by emailing our webmaster so we can remove it or otherwise resolve the issue.

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