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memorial services

Along with support and fellowship in times of grief, St. Mary’s is available for funerals, memorial services, or graveside services of parishioners and their families. Our parish also welcomes non-members who request the use of our parish and reception areas, provided the dates and times are available.  

To discuss preliminary plans and to arrange a time for the family and rector to meet about more detailed plans for a funeral, memorial or graveside service, please call or email the church office.  


Officiants and Participants

Except in unusual circumstances, the Rector of St. Mary’s officiates at services.  In consultation with the family and at the invitation of the Rector, visiting clergy may assist in the service.  Depending on how elaborate the service is to be, other participants may include readers, eulogists, and musicians.


Receptions and Collations

Following consultation with the Rector, St. Mary’s reception areas may be used for a reception or "collation" following the service. 



As an essential element in Christian worship, music can play an important role in a funeral or memorial service.  If the family wishes to include music, they will consult with the officiating priest and St. Mary’s Director of Music about choice of hymns, organ or instrumental pieces, and the use of instrumentalists, soloists, or visiting musicians.

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