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St. Mary’s is delighted to provide wedding services for members of the church and their families.

All arrangements for your wedding at St. Mary’s begin with notifying the Rector, Ann Bonner-Stewart. The Rector  will schedule a meeting with you to discuss a date for your wedding, particulars regarding music, fees, program, etc., and to arrange premarital counseling sessions to help you prepare for your new life together.


Persons who are not members of St. Mary’s may also be wed in the church in some instances after meeting with the Rector.

The Marriage Service

Weddings in the Episcopal Church generally follow "The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage Service" in The Book of Common Prayer.   If desired, a program leaflet for the congregation can be produced to outline the order of service.


Wedding Music

The couple plans wedding music in consultation with the Rector and St. Mary's Director of Music. While the bridal couple may make specific requests, Holy Matrimony is a service of the church, and it's expected that the music be in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion.



St. Mary’s comfortably seats about 150 people.


Assisting Clergy

Occasionally, the couple knows a clergy person that they'd like to have assist in the Marriage service.  The Rector will be glad to discuss those arrangements.


In consultation with the Rector, St. Mary’s Rectory can be made available for a reception following the wedding service.  

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