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pastoral care

Pastoral care involves looking after the well-being of our parish family, tending to needs and encouraging in times of joy, sorrow, and everything in between. Each parishioner belongs to what is called a circle of care. The lay leader reaches out to people within their circle several times a year, to say hello and to check in. In addition to pastoral care, we also offer:
  • Hospital or Hospice Visits – Parish members who are in the hospital, undergoing surgery or are in other short-term medical situations can request a visit for prayer, spiritual guidance, or simply companionship. Please call or email to let us know! 
  • Homebound ministry visits – Those who are unable to attend Sunday services, particularly but not only on a long time basis, can also request to have communion at home to those who are unable to attend Sunday Service. 
  • Prayer List – Our parish prays actively for the intentions of anyone who asks. A current list is printed in the Sunday service bulletin. The prayer list is refreshed quarterly. To ask St. Mary's to add your loved one to the prayer list, please email Cailin Smith.
St. Mary's is always looking for volunteers who are willing to be called upon for pastoral care missions as a need arises. If you would like to volunteer to give pastoral care, click here.
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