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Gift of a Baury Bible

Update: The Baury Bible will be on display at the annual meeting on January 24.

In this season of giving and receiving gifts, St. Mary’s is proud to have received the priceless gift of a Bible belonging to our former rector, Dr. Alfred L. Baury (1829-1851). This Bible is inscribed from Madame Baury to her son in 1808. The family was probably living in Connecticut at that time. Considering that it is 200 years old, it is in excellent condition with leather cover and spine intact.

Anthony Winston, a direct descendant of Dr. Baury, contacted the church in November to see if we were interested in acquiring the Bible. Margaret and the Historians agreed that it would be a great addition to the tangible history of the church. The Bible arrived in December and is stored in the fireproof cabinet in the archives.

Mr. Winston visited the church a few years ago and at that time generously donated other items belonging to Dr. Baury. There will be a display of these items at the Annual Meeting.

—Beverley Hurney

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