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Good News: September 9, 2008

The Good News from September 9 is available for download:

The following is an excerpt from the lead article written by our pastor:

“On Wednesday morning I visited Saint Luke’s – San Lucas in Chelsea (MA). Their vestry changed the name to a hyphen from a slash because Saint Luke’s/San Lucas gave the impression the two churches were separate. The congregation is English and Spanish speaking so the service was conducted in both languages. I went with Padre Julio Rivera, who is visiting from our sister parish Santa Maria Virgen in San Salvador, and my daughter Gaelan for Morning Prayer at 8:30 a.m. It was good to be with a weekday worshipping community again. The sun showed through the stained glass windows, reflecting a spiritual presence in the sanctuary. There was room for silence and contemplation before the service, creating a prayerful atmosphere. The opening words, canticles, psalm and lessons flowed together, moving us closer to God. Over the summer I had missed the sense of awe and praise that can come from going to church. It was Peter/church and not Peter – church.

“This year we hope to have services which can bring all of us closer to God. We are working on changes in the services of Holy Eucharist with the junior choir and younger children that will encourage more youth participation. All younger children will attend the beginning of the Eucharist services with their family and will leave for Church School during a sequence hymn. September 21 will mark our first youth Sunday as we begin a new church school year. On September 28, we will have a more reflective service of Morning Prayer with choral music and more time for prayerfulness. Our church calendar will mark these occasions for you…

“We have also planned special services for the fall with Padre Julio Rivera from our sister parish in El Salvador being the preacher and concelebrant on September 14. The Reverend John Finley IV from Epiphany School will be our preacher on October 12. On October 19 we will have Peter Lea-Cox return for special music during Morning Prayer. The Reverend Richard Downes, the retired pastor of The Church of the Redeemer in Brookline and a longtime friend, will be our preacher on December 7.

“Worship is meant to be a part of our life together and not separated by a slash. When we come together in worship, we enrich not only our lives, but the life of the community as well.”

—Peter Chase

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