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Online Giving Now Available!

We thank all members and everyone else who has generously given to St. Mary’s. You can now do so online at the link below:

I’m writing to let you know you may now donate online to Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church in Newton Lower Falls. There are several different options. Payments may go towards a pledge if you pledge; you may use a credit card or your banking account; you may choose to give once or monthly. You may even choose to absorb the transactional costs. Your support of Saint Mary’s is very much appreciated, and we hope this new, contactless option makes it easier for you to give. Of course you are welcome to continue giving by check via the postal service.

Faith cannot make every day easier all the time, nor does it stop bad things from happening. What faith can do is ground us within a larger narrative in order to remind us that we are not alone. Saint Mary’s has been here and active for over two hundred years: through the Civil War, through both World Wars, through the Great Depression, and much, much more. That Saint Mary’s has weathered difficult times in the past is due to the grace of God and the generosity of her parishioners. Thank you for being part of a faithful tradition and community.

Take good care.

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