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Update: St. Lukes in Harare, Zimbabwe

Most of you know about our sister parish in El Salvador. However we also have a sister parish in Africa, St. Lukes, located in the capital city of Zimbabwe. The political situation in Zimbabwe has been dangerous for decades now, and we have not had any direct contact with the parish in many, many years.

However, Denise Flanagan recently came across a news item that was published in several reliable publications including the London Telegraph.

Specifically, St. Lukes has been effectively shut down by police loyal to a renegade Bishop, and the senior warden was arrested on Christmas Eve for trying to unlock the church. You can read a more detailed article here.

I confirmed that this was indeed our sister parish with an old friend of Peter’s, Tobias Nyatsambo, who passed on some additional information from the parish and diocese. A fuller report will be provided in an upcoming Good News.

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