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A Brief Letter from The Most Rev. Martin Barahona, Bishop of the Anglican Church of El Salvador

As Bishop of the Anglican Church of El Salvador I am very grateful for the visit of the group of 12 persons from Trinity Church, Houston, Texas in early September. They were accompanied by the Rev. Hannah Atkins with the plan to offer a medical campaign in those parts of the country most vulnerable, including the parish of St. Mary the Virgin, San Bartolo. This visit was a very generous offering and with a strong spirit of solidarity. The group came very committed.

We had an isolated incident in front of the medical campaign that was inside the church of St Mary the Virgin. The person who was killed was an active worker in the church. I want to share with you that this incident is the result of the delinquency we have in our country, and not a threat to the church. This event should not intimidate neither us nor our friends who come to visit us.

I want to assure you that we maintain all of the security that we have been able to offer over the years. I decided to suspend this medical campaign only as a precaution.

This coming Saturday, 19 September, we will have at St. Mary the Virgin an act of making amends, of “cleansing the temple”, an act provided for in our canons when there has been a criminal event in our churches. At this event I will be joined by all of the Diocesan Clergy and also invited members of the other historic churches in El Salvador.

We ask for your prayers that the congregation will recover its spiritual strength. The Rev. Julio Rivera has recovered his hope and energy, having been a witness to this killing. As Bishop I am full of spirit and confident in God and in God’s protection.

I repeat my gratitude for The Rev. Hannah Atkins, Rector of Trinity Church, Houston, Texas for her visit. Among the group that visited us I would like to give special thanks to those doctors who came to offer their services freely, and especially Mark Goza who was a volunteer from Trinity Church, Houston.

As always everyone is welcome to El Salvador, and you will always have the help of the Church for your security.

Blessings in Christ, The Most Rev. Martin Barahona Bishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of El Salvador and Primate of the Anglican Province of the Central Region of America

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