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A Note from Bruce and Gayle Jacobson

My Dear Friends,

Our time together began when George Stevens, your former Rector, invited me to be with you, as he was granted a sabbatical from his labors by the Diocese and the Parish. During three summer months, I came to be very much a part of the life of a unique Parish in The Diocese of Massachusetts. The time to be with you came to end, and I found myself beginning conversation with George about coming, and being with you, as an associate to George. What began, as an invitation, came to last for two years. These years have brought a richness to Gayle and my life. As your Bridge Priest, I spent the last four months, as I began, being responsible for the parish without the expertise of our friend and Rector, George.

Last Sunday brought an end to a wonderful period in my life. The Eucharist, The Word, The Sacrament, and The Reception after the service was a culmination of two years of ministry. During this time. I was amongst you as priest and shepherd, but more importantly; we became friends. Being able to visit in your homes and hospital, and at George’s invitation working with the staff, preaching, celebrating at the Lord’s Table, and conducting Lenten Programs, I rediscovered the times of joy and sorrow that are the life of a priest in the midst of God’s people.

The Ambry that will be in the Sacristy, and offer our Priests and Eucharist Ministers the means for distributing the Consecrated Bread and Wine to the sick and suffering. It is given in thanksgiving to God for Gayle and my presence among you. A beautiful miniature of the Church encased in a frame from Mexico will grace our home to remind us of St. Mary’s and her people.

Gayle and I are grateful for the love and friendship that you offered us, and we pray for the future of St. Mary’s. We know that Paul Kolbet will be with you, as a faithful Interim Rector. We believe that your Wardens, Vestry and Search Committee will call a faithful man or woman to be amongst you, as your next Rector. The parish built upon over two hundred years of life will build upon a rich past in order to create a future that will nurture generations; yet to come.

With prayers and much affection, Bruce and Gayle (Jacobson)

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