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Adult Forum on Climate – Sunday, February 10 at St. Mary’s

On February 10, following the 10:00am service, Allan Klumpp will give another presentation, “Warming of the Climate System Is Unequivocal — Acting Urgently to Change Course at All Levels of Society”. Everyone’s knowledge of the situation has changed so much in a year that the current talk has little in common with the one given last March 25. The most important change is the presentation’s new plans for near-term mitigation of climate change and conversion to emission-free power. Its plans show that eliminating long-term threats to civilization is within our current means; there is no technical problem.

The problem is political: Can members of the world community work together now in peace in order to avoid sacrificing future generations starting a century or two from now? “Humanity must act collectively and urgently to change course through leadership at all levels of society. There is no more time for delay.” Our future is in the lives of our descendants; the lives of our descendants are in our hands. Almost no slides will be shown, and more recent experience shows that a question and answer session will quickly develop, greatly improving audience benefits. Printed copies of the executive summary will be handouts. In the current world situation, only past events don’t change.

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