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Common Art at St. Mary’s

Please join us

for a reception and art sale featuring exceptional works  by members of common art, a community of homeless artists from Boston


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

258 Concord Street

Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts

on Sunday, November 16

from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Papercut by Allen C. of common art

common art is a program of the non-Sectarian common cathedral ministry (Ecclesia Ministries) that provides studio space, materials and creative direction by a caring support staff so homeless people can develop their artistic abilities. People who live in shelters, rooming houses, on unclaimed couches and benches, and on Boston’s streets, gather every Wednesday at Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street in Back Bay to draw, paint, sculpt, make crafts, and to share with other artists in like circumstances. When an artist completes a work, he/she is invited to put a price on it.  common art then sells the piece through venues like this show, with the artist receiving all of the proceeds.   For many members of this community, common art provides a lifeline, rewarding them both monetarily and affirming their worth as artists and individuals.

Prepare to be inspired as you experience compelling art

and meet some talented, accomplished artists

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