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Construction Begins on the New Santa Maria Virgen

Father Julio shared with me this morning some wonderful news – construction of the new church building for Santa Maria Virgen has started, and is expected to be completed in October!

Santa Maria Virgen is located in San Bartolo, a very densely populated urban area in San Salvador. On my two trips to El Salvador I visited ten Episcopal parishes, and can say that Santa Maria Virgen had the worst physical building. Back in the 1990s, a piece of property about 100 meters away was purchased for a new building, but the land has been vacant since then. (Our mission team visited and worked on this property on our trip this past May.)

Our sister parish has saved funds over the years, and also received a very generous grant from the Episcopal United Thank Offering (along with some donations from St. Mary’s.) Finally, construction on this much needed new church building has begun.

Below are some pictures Father Julio shared with me, we will post more of them over the next few days.

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