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DIY Retreat Day 3

Welcome to the third day of our retreat. If you’d like to read this on the web and see the music, meditation, and stories that have been shared, click here!

Scripture of the Day

The passage for the day is Matthew 7:28-8:4, in which Jesus heals a man with leprosy. In one of our Godly Play stories, in which it says that Jesus’ work “was to come close to people, especially the people no one else wanted to come close to.” Jesus came close to people who were cast out of the community, left alone, and how he did so is a mystery. We can come close to people these days in different sorts of ways, maybe through the internet or a phone call. We can do the same work as Jesus by helping people feel loved.

Today, we can pray our scripture by saying, “Come close to me, Jesus, even when I feel alone.” We can pray this prayer any time, night or day.

I Wonder Why

You’ll notice that with Godly Play stories, we always ask questions at the end.

“I wonder, what your favorite part is?”

“I wonder, is there a most important part?

“I wonder, where are you in this story?”

“I wonder, is there any part we can leave out and still have all the story we need?”

Have you ever wondered why we wonder so much? Our wondering is part of how we engage with the stories, entering them with our imaginations. We can discover new things by wondering like this.

Wondering can be an important part of how anyone can engage with the stories in the Bible. Our imaginations can be a way we meet God. Whether you’re a kid, a youth, or an adult, you can wonder about these stories and discover new things. Try it out sometimes!

Scavenger Hunt

Don’t forget to take pictures for the scavenger hunt.

We hope your weekend is going well. Keep up with the scavenger hunt! It’ll be time to share your pictures before you know it!

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