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DIY Retreat Day 4

Scripture of the Day

Our scripture today is Luke 10:17-24, in which Jesus thanks God that wisdom has been revealed to the children. The wisdom of God is not reserved for the powerful. The wisdom of God is not reserved for clergy. The wisdom of God is offered to all who would hear these stories as children.

In hearing the stories of Jesus, we become like children. Indeed, we can be led by little children as we hear these stories in a new way. This is why in Church School we always ask questions like “What was your favorite part?” “Was there a part that was most important? “Is any part of the story about you?” With each answer offered by the children, we can hear the story afresh and discover something new.

We can pray this passage by saying, “Jesus, I need your wisdom.” Even these few words can help us know what we are to do. We can also thank God for this wisdom, saying simply “Thank you.” Just those two words are a powerful prayer we can pray when we feel we know which way to go.

Scavenger Hunt

Don’t forget to send in all of your pictures. We’d like to collect them by next Sunday, Pentecost.


Story of St. Julian

Breath Prayers

All Shall Be Well This tune is a chant based on Julian of Norwich’s prayer “All shall be well.”

We hope you’ve had as much fun with this as we have! Don’t forget that you can still watch any of the videos you missed this week. Have a good week, and peace be with you!

In peace,

Andrew, Kirsten, and Ann

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