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El Salvador 2008: Day 3

After a breakfast of eggs, beans, and rice, we had an 8AM meeting with Bishop Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador and the Anglican Primate for Central America.

The Bishop spent over an hour talking with us about the work of the church in El Salvador, and about the strong relationships between the Diocese here and various groups in the U.S. including Massachusetts.  He remembers Peter Chase and St. Mary’s fondly, having visited our church when he was first ordained as Bishop.

The Anglican church has three main missions: bringing people to the church, education (youth and adult), and health.  For example, the Diocese has a doctor and program to bring medicine and primary preventative health care to its members, who are mostly poor.

The Bishop and Father German from San Marcos (St. Mark’s) in Izalco also reviewed the work projects that the team will be supporting this week.

After the meeting with the Bishop, we took a short the Diocesan offices, and then spent the afternoon visiting key historic sites in San Salvador related to Roman Catholic Archbishop Romero and the Salvadorian civil war.

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