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El Salvador 2008: Day 7 – Work Day at Santa Maria Virgen

Friday morning was our first day to sleep in, as we didn’t need to be at Santa Maria Virgen until 9am.

After we arrived, Father Julio walked us to the property two blocks from the current church where we spent the morning maintaining the lot. We used machetes, shovels, and pick-axes to clear grass and pick up trash to burn. This property was originally purchased for the church by our former rector, Larry Walton, to be the site of a new church building.

In the afternoon Father Julio took our group on an excursion to Suchitoto, a small town north of Santa Maria Virgen with colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. After a relaxing lunch we took a boat ride on the Embalse Ceron Grande, a lake that is also a major bird migration zone.

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