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El Salvador 2008: Request for Volunteer Help for Trip Preparation

Thank you to everyone who donated a used computer(s) for El Salvador. (If possible, please get the computers to St. Mary’s by Sunday April 27.) Although we have received more computers than we expected, the Diocese assures us they are all needed. Also, a member of our team from St. Paul’s in Natick has procured a large supply of medical and first aid supplies to bring as well.

However, this creates a slight logistical issue, in that we need to package eight separate computers and medical supplies as checked-in luggage.

We are looking for a few volunteers who have some time during the week of May 4 who can find cardboard boxes, distribute and pack the computer and medical supplies into eleven separate boxes, package and seal these boxes so that each mission team member can check one box each as checked luggage.

If anyone is available to support our trip in this way, please let Denise Flanagan know by email or call her at (617) 527-4769.

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