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El Salvador Presentation at St. Paul’s in Natick on June 14

St. Paul’s in Natick is hosting a presentation and discussion by Noah Bullock on June 14th following the 9am service, hosted by members of the 2008 El Salvador Mission Team from St. Paul’s. Noah has just returned from a three-year stint as a missionary in rural El Salvador. Our mission group in 2008 got to know him well.

Interested people from St. Mary’s are invited to attend.

My name is Noah Bullock, I have been working for the Episcopal Church in El Salvador on community development projects since 2005. We met in El Salvador in 2007 and 2008 when your group [from Massachusetts] was working on the road in Ilzalco. I am in the United States working with the Cristosal Foundation to organize a workshop/ presentation on “Mission and Development in El Salvador” with El Salvador’s partner parishes, as well as, fund raising for a research project to write a book about El Salvador… I realize that this is a busy time of year when summer fun begins to distract people from church. If you want to finds out more about any of our work in El Salvador you can check the special project section of the Cristosal website or for information on the book
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