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Free Godly Play Workshops for Parents and Professionals

Did you enjoy watching Jerome Berryman present his story about Abraham and his descendants at the Adult Forum in January? Did you enjoy the language of our 2009 Godly Play Christmas pageant? Would you like to immerse yourself in more of the stories of Godly Play?

There are lots of things you can learn from a book or a lecture, but Godly Play has to be learned from the inside out. At Godly Play workshops, you can experience Godly Play stories as a participant in the circle and as a storyteller. You can deepen your understanding of children’s spirituality. You can achieve greater clarity about the fundamentals of Godly Play, and leave spiritually refreshed.

The diocese is offering two more Saturday Godly Play workshops to interested parents and professionals this Spring. The March 13th workshop covered the “Sacred Stories Lessons” of Godly Play, the upcoming April 10th workshop will cover the “Parable Lessons” of Godly Play, and the final workshop on May 8th will address the “Liturgical Actions Lessons” of Godly Play. Each Saturday workshop runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

All three workshops are conveniently located in Belmont MA at All Saint’s Episcopal Church. St. Mary’s will cover the cost of any parishioner who would like to attend. Please let our Interim Director of Christian Education, Isabel Phillips, know if you are interested in carpooling with her. (978) 852-4633.

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