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Gift to the Newton Firefighters from St. Mary’s Parish

Dear Parishioners,

On Saturday, November 24th at 9:30pm the Newton Fire Department arrived with two engines, fire chief, police and a host of firefighters. Every year the fire department comes two to three times for false alarms, but this time it was real. The burner in the furnace malfunctioned and a steady stream of oil caught fire. Fortunately the smoke in the furnace room became so thick as to extinguish the fire. Smoke had filled the hallways, offices and sanctuary. We are lucky there was no damage as the firefighters were rapid in their response placing large exhaust fans to remove the noxious fumes.

Coming two days after Thanksgiving I was especially grateful to the men and women of the fire department who work so valiantly to protect our historic church. I have seen them here at 3:00am in January when an ice storm took down electrical wires and 5:00pm on a holiday afternoon when wind and sleet set off the alarm.

In gratitude for their labors over the past fifteen years and on behalf of Saint Mary’s, we will be giving them a new HDTV for the main fire station on the corner of Commonwealth and Washington Street. At present they have to supply their own TV set which is not in the best of shape, but they do have cable. If you would like to donate to this Christmas present from the Vestry and people of St. Mary’s it would be greatly appreciated. Please donate from $5 to $50. Please make check payable to Saint Mary’s Discretionary Fund and indicate on check that it is for Newton Fire station by December 23rd.

Thank you.

Peter Chase

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