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Good News: December 1, 2009

The Good News from December 1, 2009, is now available for download: Good_News_2009_December_01.pdf

This issue includes a stewardship sermon delivered by Julia dePeyster on November 22.

In this world I worry about all kinds of things: is my hair died a natural looking color, does my food have MSG in it, what paint color would look nice on my house, how will my children learn to be both kind and successful all at the same time? The passages we have heard today are not about these worldly concerns. “My kingdom is not of this world,” says Jesus. In the book of Daniel, hundreds of thousands attend the Ancient of Days as they await His Judgment, with no mention of their bedazzlement at the light, the jewels, the opulence of their setting. Awaiting heaven had been a main theme of Christian life all the way into the beginning of the 20th Century. Hence the teaching of the Cardinal sins, the simplicity of monks, nuns and saints and religious rituals like fasting. However, in modern times, striving for material comfort in the here and now is what it is all about. Cash has become king, and the society has moved away from the moral viewpoint that the life in the hereafter is the only one we should be striving for.
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