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Good News: July 2, 2009

The Good News of Jul 2, 2009, is now available for download:

This issue includes: * An Introduction from Margaret * A Thank You from Peter and Abbie * A Report from Ann Wessel’s Medical Mission Trip to Tanzania * An Homily on Noah Bullock’s Experiences in El Salvador

Peter’s thoughtful gesture on my first day as Interim Priest at St. Mary’s will be the memory I will savor the most. I had arrived on a Monday morning and was working in the office with Denise while Peter was packing up the last of his belongings and recovering from the Festivities of Pentecost. When he learned that I would be leaving at one that afternoon, he came back at 12:30 and chatted with me. As I moved toward the outside door, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his own St. Mary’s keys. “Here”, he said, “You’ll need these.” He flipped to the proper key and gave me the bunch—with the lovely brass “St. Mary’s” tag—and, together, he and I locked the door. We didn’t have to state the obvious; he was locking it for the last time, as I was locking it for the first time. I have thought more than once about the deep grace of that gesture: his easygoing “good bye”, his kindness in helping the new priest get started, and his love of the place. What a gracious soul. Godspeed Peter.
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