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Good News: November 3, 2009

The Good News from November 3, 2009 is now available for download:

This issue includes Margaret Schwarzer’s sermon on All Saints Day.

Yet today, in the Christian tradition, we hold up the mystery of death and the friends and loved ones who have gone on before us as we celebrate All Saints’ Day. We are asked to contemplate what we can never fully understand: our transitory bodies, our own immortal souls, and the communion of saints—both the living and the dead—who are bound to us as they, and we, continue to move more and more into the heart of God. We travel humble and difficult ground this morning. Of course, any one of us who is still breathing is, by definition, a novice and not an expert, in the subject of death and the afterlife, so I offer my thoughts as one Christian adventurer among many. What do we need to say on All Saints’ Day about death and our own journey towards it?
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