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In Memory of Bob Hoffman

Last weekend, St. Mary’s oldest member, Robert ‘Bob’ Hoffman, Jr. died peacefully at North Hill. Just three weeks shy of his 101st birthday, Bob had overseen a great deal of change in the decades he served our Church.

According to a biography by Lynn Farnell, Bob was instrumental at St. Mary’s in many ways. As Senior Warden, Bob helped St. Mary’s regain its financial stability, began the tradition of beautifully maintaining our historic property, and served on the search committee which brought The Rev. Bill Berndt to St. Mary’s as Rector.

Bob loved music and attended church weekly until he was 99 years old. His contributions to the life of the church are legendary. Many parishioners have stopped by this week to share stories about Bob and his special relationship with St. Mary’s.

We will be celebrating his life on Friday morning at 11:00 a.m.. I hope many of you will be able to come as we give thanks for Bob’s leadership and faithfulness to our community.

As a newcomer, I am thankful for the many faithful members, like Bob, who have made St. Mary’s what it is today. I pray that we will be able to continue the legacy given to us and be good stewards of their gifts!

– George

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