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Lenten Program at St. Mary’s on Sundays at 11:15AM

The season of Lent is a period of self-examination that prepares us for the joy of the resurrection. I invite you, therefore, to a series of forums to consider our mortality and its relationship to our resurrection.

On February 26, we will begin the journey by considering ‘the Spirituality of Dying’. The Book of Common Prayer describes the Burial Service as an “Easter Liturgy.” What does this mean? How does our experience with death and dying confirm or deny this statement? How do other cultures differ from our own views?

On March 4 we will tackle the physical process of dying. By talking about what actually happens to our bodies as we die, we will, hopefully demystify the reality of death. In this session we will also talk about palliative care and choices regarding continuing or ending medical treatment.

The topic for March 11 will be grief and the emotional toll of death on survivors. Grief is seen in myriad ways and lived out communally and individually. This session will cover theoretical models, medical studies, and personal experience.

Finally, on March 18, we will talk about planning a memorial service and the liturgical choices that shape a funeral. Rite I or Rite II? Hymns? Remembrances? There are many options in preparing for a service and each of them tells part of our story.

Please join me, so that, as we approach Easter and the Resurrection of our Lord, we might understand better how he transformed death, even our own.


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