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Lenten Series on Peace Starts on Tuesday, February 12

WSM Lenten Study Series, Tuesdays at 10:00am The Women of St. Mary’s invites you to join in a study of many facets of “The Search for Peace.”  Discussions will be held each Tuesday morning during Lent, beginning on February 12 at 10am in the Chapter Room. This study is open to all. Tuesday, February 12: Kevin Bowen, Vietnam veteran and director of the UMASS Boston William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Its Social Consequences, will be speaking on veterans’ issues and the concerns of war victims.

Tuesday, February 19: Valerie Dixon, PhD., professor of Christian Social Ethics at Andover Newton Theological School, will be speaking on “The Courage of Lamentation in the Search for Peace.”

Tuesday, February 26: Kerry Campana, a professional artist and a member of United Parish of Brookline, will be speaking on the process of creating a monumental and meaningful memorial for the servicemen and women who have died in Iraq.

Tuesday, March 4: The Reverend Philip Jacobs, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Canton, will  speaking about the history of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship (EPF) and its role as the peace and justice witness of the church.  Reverend Jacobs has been a member of EPF for more than 40 years.

Tuesday, March 13: The Reverend Canon Edward W. Rodman, professor of Pastoral Theology and Urban Ministry at Episcopal Divinity School and a veteran of the civil rights movement, will be speaking on Restorative Justice, a social movement to institutionalize peaceful approaches to problem-solving and violations of legal and human rights.

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