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Letter from Bishop Martin Barahona

[The following is an email I received from Bishop Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador and Primate of Central America. It is edited slightly for clarity. – Paul]

Dear Paul:

Really I am very much impressed by the love and commitment that Saint Mary’s people have for the people of El Salvador. Thank you very much for your testimony in this last visit, the work in San Marcos [the site of our road construction project], and for your relationship with Santa Maria Virgen in San Bartolo.

Here is the report of the six computers you brought with us – One to Father Julio Rivera at Santa Maria Virgen – One to Reverend Amy Zuniga for the school at San Andres church – One to Cain Hidalgo who is a Lay Missionary in Bajo Lampa, Usulutan – One to Elizabeth Barahona who work in the psychology program for the young people at risk – One for Father German Lopez Elias, who works in San Marcos, Izalco, as he did not have a computer at the church. – The last one with me, because I didn’t have one for my own use.

Please explain to the people of Saint Mary’s that we will use them thinking of the generosity of all of you, and say to them that the Bishop of El Salvador did not have computer before but now does thanks to the members of Saint Mary’s.

We already received the additional $700.00 to continue the road construction work in San Marcos.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. The relationship between Saint Mary’s and the Diocese of El Salvador will continue with even more enthusiasm.

In Christ,

The Most Rev Martin Barahona

Note on the computers: We received donations of eight computers, and were able to take six with us as checked luggage on our flights. We will send the remaining two computers to El Salvador with a Diocesan youth trip in August.

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