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Letter to Parish on Interim Priest

The following letter was mailed to the parish today, with additional details on our Interim Priest Margaret Schwarzer’s arrival at St. Mary’s, and information on office hours/pastoral care starting June 1:

Here is an excerpt discussing schedules and pastoral care for the summer months:

Margaret will officially join us on June 1 and be at St. Mary’s on a part-time basis through the summer. Margaret is finishing an assignment as Interim at Christ Church in Andover, where she is committed to be on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays through the end of June. Given this prior arrangement, vacation schedules, and the summer slowdown at St. Mary’s, the Vestry and Margaret agreed that a half-time schedule through the summer months made sense for all. For the month of June, Margaret will maintain office hours at St. Mary’s during the week on Mondays from 9am to 1pm, and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm. Sunday services during the month of June will be performed by the Reverend Gwen Buehrens; Gwen will also be available for pastoral care if Margaret is unavailable. For the months of July and August, Margaret will perform the Sunday services at 10am and also be available during the week. (As a reminder there is no 8am service in July and August.) Office hours for these summer months will be posted in advance. If there are pastoral emergencies that come up during the summer (e.g. serious illness) please call the parish office at 617-527-4769. If this is outside of parish office hours, you can contact Margaret directly on her mobile phone at 617-733-0661. Margaret will transition to full-time at St. Mary’s starting in September.
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