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Margaret’s Last Sunday

This Sunday, June 27, The Reverend Ms. Margaret Schwarzer will celebrate her final services as Interim Priest at St. Mary’s. There will be a special Farewell Liturgy for Interim Ministry following the post-communion prayer at both 8 AM and 10 AM.

We are indebted to Margaret for her leadership and contributions during the past year in our amazing journey from rector to rector. According to the Diocese, “the interim period is seen as prime time for renewal, re-energizing the parish in its life and mission. Beyond maintaining effective ministry during this period, the Vestry and the Interim Priest shall work together to prepare for a healthy transition to the next rectorship.” With God’s blessings and the good work of Margaret and the entire parish, we are nearing the end of our journey with Margaret and poised to begin our journey and continued health and growth with George Stevens as our new Rector.

Margaret’s last day in the office will be Wednesday, June 30.

On behalf of the Vestry and all at St. Mary’s, we wish her peace and blessings as she begins her ministry at her next church in transition.

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