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Mission Trip to El Salvador

Paul Pyzowski is back from his 11-day Diocesan mission trip to El Salvador. He is planning on holding an adult forum in September to share his experiences. He also provided the following report:

“Our sister parish Santa Maria Virgen in San Bartolo, El Salvador, is a thriving place, one of the strongest in the Diocese. The new rector, Reverend Julio Rivera, is a dynamo. Santa Maria Virgen has 120 members, of whom ~5 were at the 8AM service I attended.

“As we were a Diocesan delegation, we had a very full schedule, including visits to nine parishes, participating in Sunday services at four parishes, several meetings at Diocesan headquarters, and participating in a Diocesan clergy meeting and also an interfaith service. This was in addition to four days at an on-site work project in the mountains and a one day visit to rural congregations in the coastal plains.

“Our group spent four days working alongside a local community to repave portions of a road that had been washed out in hurricanes a few years ago. In the rainy season, the Diocesan doctor was not able to make visits to the clinic affiliated with St. Mark’s, a parish in a poor mountainous region outside the town of Izocal. Although we weren’t able to complete the project, we paved a significant stretch, and provided the supplies for the community work group to continue the project.

“The photo above shows members of our mission team and local community who worked together, standing on a portion of the completed road as rain waters tumble in front of us on an unpaved portion. A strong rainstorm came on our fourth day of working, demonstrating first hand why this road was so important to the community.”

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