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Movie Project at St. Mary’s

A few weeks ago, a PhD Candidate named Nicholas Nides contacted me about a film project to set in Newton. The project is a film version of Andre Dubus’ A Father’s Story. The short story follows Luke Ridley, a faithful Christian, as he struggles to come to terms with a crime committed by his daughter. The plot is rich with questions of family and faith and is a powerful illustration of the depth of love.

While scouting for locations, Nides found St. Mary’s and was immediately drawn to its architecture, natural light and feel. He describes it as “the perfect New England setting” (something we already know).

St. Mary’s will have a central role in the project as the church where Ridley goes to wrestle with his obligations as a father and Christian. Filming will take place on Saturday, August 21st throughout the day, and Monday night August, 23rd. If you’re interested in being an extra on Saturday, acting in the role of “parishioners”, contact Nicholas Nides directly at

A copy of the short story will soon be in available in the church office if you’d like to read the inspiration for the project.

– George

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