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News from Peter Chase

After three weeks of gorgeous weather in Vermont, Peter will be departing this Sunday for the Middle East again. In his own words:

” I am not looking forward to arriving in the heat of Ramadan in Dubai, but I am excited and daunted by the opportunity to be with the Mission to Seafarers at the port of Fujairah. Plans are to get safety training in the merchant marine this October in Rotterdam and then be the welfare officer on the Flying Angel starting the end of that month. This entails going out to visit anyone of the 200 freighters and tankers bunkering in the harbor and providing crew members with pastoral care 5 days a week. I will also conduct religious services for the expat community once a week in our apartment through the Church of England.

“Abbie and family will join me for most of December, and then she will be with me around 8 days a month…. Miss you and all our Saint Mary’s family.”

Update: Peter sent a message today that he arrived in Dubai safely. He will be in Rotterdam from September 27 to October 6 for maritime training.

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