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Note from Peter and Abbie

“We are settled into Vermont after 3 weeks of unpacking and rearranging, but we are still elated over the amazing send-off put together by our friends at Saint Mary’s. Our last 2 weeks with you created memories we will carry with us for life. It was like one celebration after another and by the Sunday of Pentecost it felt like heaven. The reception after church would have been enough and then there was the party at Paul and Lucille’s which was over the top. So many contributed so much that I would not know where to begin to say “Thanks”, except to exclaim: “Thank you God for all the love we have been given at Saint Mary’s.”

“Thank you for the generous financial gift which will give us a new roof and pay for Ben’s last year in college.

“I am off to volunteer for 6 weeks with the mission to seafarers in Dubai. Abbie will be joining me for part of her vacation. Keep us in your prayers as we hold you deep in our hearts with thanksgiving.”

– Peter and Abbie

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