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Notices in Case of Bad Winter Weather

Given that we have had winter storms two of the past three Sundays – and that we are technically only two weeks into the winter season – we are putting in place a system to notify our members in the event that Sunday services need to be cancelled.

In the event that Sunday services need to be cancelled, a decision will be made by 7AM on Sunday, and (1) A notice will be posted on St. Mary’s website News section (2) An email will be sent to the parish update list (3) The message will be changed on the church answering machine

Based on conditions either: – All services may be cancelled, or – Only the 8AM service will be cancelled, and the 10AM service will be held. (Childcare and Sunday school would not be available.)

In case you need the contact information… – St. Mary’s Website News Page is – You can sign up for our email list here – The main phone number is 617-527-4769

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