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Request for Help for Honduras

Hi everyone!

This is Gareth Hughes. I’m a Materials Science and Engineering major at Northwestern University. Many of you will remember me as member of St Mary’s, where I’ve belonged since I was small.

In September I will be joining a group of dedicated students and professionals on a 6-day “Water Brigade” to develop clean water solutions in remote villages in Honduras, the 2nd poorest country in the Western hemisphere. The villages I will be working in have little access to clean water and more than 75% of the inhabitants have parasites and other water-born illnesses. That’s where we come in. We will be working alongside licensed engineers, public health professionals, and local community leaders, to deliver technical assistance and raise money to provide the necessary seed capital to implement the projects. The brigade is 100% volunteer driven and the trip’s success is dependent on the support we generate from our friends, families and interested organizations. I need your help in one of three ways:

1) As a sponsor champion (any amount) to help me pay for my trip and to implement the water solutions in our villages (click the link below to donate)

2) Join me on the brigade, especially if you are an engineering professional

3) And/or send me warm thoughts and prayers as I embark on my brigade

Thank you for your support!


Gareth Hughes

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