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Seeking Two Gently Used Computers for El Salvador Trip

Our mission trip to El Salvador will depart in less than 30 days. One of the items we have been asked to bring, if possible, are two computers for Santa Maria Virgen and San Andres churches. If anyone has a gently used computer, either desktop or laptop, capable of word processing and internet access that would otherwise get recycled, please let Paul Pyzowski know.

Both our sister parish Santa Maria Virgen and their neighbor, San Andres, are in poor urban neighborhoods on the edge of the capital city of San Salvador. Last year, the computer at Santa Maria Virgen was stolen in a break-in.

San Andres is located in a neighborhood prone to gang-related violence. The rector is an American woman, Amy Zuniga, who recently gave birth to her first child. Amy’s husband Vince was one of the translators and guides for the 2007 El Salvador mission trip.

Rev. Amy Zugina and her son at San Andres

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