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St. Mary’s Facebook Page

Yes, we now have a Facebook page, here:

If you are not a Facebook user, don’t worry – our website (including this blog), parish email list, and mailed correspondence will remain the primary way we communicate with active parish members.

The Facebook page is just an experiment for now. It is intended to provide casual updates for existing Facebook users who have an interest in St. Mary’s. Of course our members are welcome to use it.

However it is also meant for people who aren’t necessarily active members but have an interest in staying in touch with St. Mary’s – our neighbors in Newton, parish members who have moved away or gone on to college, and friends in the Diocese and nearby towns. Updates will be far less frequent, and focus on major news as well as events and articles of interest to the general community, e.g. events open to the community, or news on our outreach efforts. Do feel free to forward this info to people you think would have an interest.

(And no, we will not Twitter.)

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