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Sunday School @ St. Mary’s – October 2016


“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”  –Walter Elias Disney

A Day of Sunday School @St. Mary’s A few weeks ago, our Sunday School Year began with faith, trust, and pixie dust.  Faith in our church.  Trust in our LORD.  Pixie dust in the form of redesigned classrooms and cherished friends, old and new.  The children of our congregation make my “job” nothing like “work” – I’m blessed to be here each Sunday!

Sunday School in the Godly Play classroom is a special time.  We share a blessing, advance the Circle of the Church Year calendar, read the Lectionary Psalm, share a Godly Play lesson, nibble on a snack, then engage in other activities until it’s time to join the congregation.  Other activities may include playing a game, making something in the art area, sitting in the reading corner, recreating the lesson, or chatting with friends.

Our Time evolves each week.  We have prayer journals, in which we write one prayer each week.  We’re working through a curriculum which is project based, individually creative, and designed to encourage confidence and open conversation.  While my prayer journal and project folder are open for anyone to read and explore, the kids’ OT folders and prayer journals are not.  Sharing is welcome, never required.

It’s my goal to make this program as inclusive and engaging as possible; I’m available to answer questions and provide support.  There is a volunteer sign-up sheet posted on the classroom door.  If your family participates in Sunday School @ St. Mary’s, please commit to volunteering once or twice this Sunday School Year.

In Gratitute,

Shelby White Director of Youth Ministry and Education

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