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Tragic News from El Salvador

[Last night we received the following tragic news from our sister parish in El Salvador – Editor]

“Today we received the sad news that at 12:30pm [Wednesday September 2], during a medical team work in Santa Maria Virgen, San Bartolo, unidentified persons entered the church and assassinated a young man, Alexander Canales, an active member of the church. We do not know the motives of this action but the members of Santa Maria Virgen have been deeply touched by this tragedy. In addition a woman who was receiving medical help was injured.

“We ask all of you to pray for the Church, and for the people of Santa Maria Virgen, and pray that there might be no more violence in El Salvador like this event, and that we might recover the value of every human life.

“All of your prayers and solidarity are welcome, not only for this sad event, but for our people, poor and humble who suffer the effects of this epidemic of violence.

“The Bishop of El Salvador, Martin Barahona, asks for your prayers and support.”

Richard + The Very Rev. Richard A. Bower Executive Director Fundación Cristosal

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